Welcome to Euroflora, we guarantee quality and reliability service for over 40 years. Euroflora is a Secure platform and Protects your purchase because...


  1. Enter the City.
  2. Select the local Florist.
  3. Choose your Floral gift.
  4. Pay by Credit Card or Paypal.


Euroflora protects buyers in case of disputes with the Florist. As a guarantee for the customers, all payments by credit card and Paypal are managed by Euroflora network and released to Florist 5 days after the delivery. In case of disputes and complaints, Euroflora will immediately evaluate the case and will issue a partial or full refund straigh away on a case by case basis.

Euroflora platform has been created so as all local Florists can provide their services to all Online Customer, making it easy and safe placing orders for flowers and plants deliveries

Euroflora monitors and checks the quality of deliveries of all florists on a daily basis through your feedback and our personal constant checks, so we are sure to guarantee the highest quality of service and care to every detail.

Since 1980 we have been the best known and most used online platform for Flowers and Gifts delivery everywhere, even in a few hours.

116,300 Florists affiliated exclusively to the Euroflora network, reliable and selected all over the world.

More than 1300 Euroflora brand stores.

Euroflora is active in more than 150 countries.

If you are a Florist and want to be a member of our network you can subscribe your flower shop and ask to be affiliated quickly and easily, discover our free services and the reliability of a big group.

It is also possible to open a Flower Shop using the Euroflora brand in your city through our new and power franchising program.